Wholesale Distribution

Because we know that as a wholesaler or distributor you have unique insurance needs, we offer carefully packaged insurance coverages that deliver the goods no matter what kind of goods you deliver. We write the following categories of business:

·      Beverage distributors

·      Motor vehicle supplies, wholesalers – new parts

·      Office equipment dealers

·      Stationery and supplies distributors

·      Hardware wholesalers

·      Food and food products distributors

·      Building service equipment

·      Plumbing

·      Heating and air conditioning

·      Electrical equipment and supplies

Farmers can provide you with one-stop, comprehensive insurance coverage that is available for you to purchase for you to meet your insurance needs.

The Coverages

Here are some of the coverage options that are available to you to help you with your insurance needs:

Property and Inland Marine

·      Buildings at Replacement Costs or Actual Cash Values

·      Automatic Increase in Building Amount (inflation guard)

·      Contents at Replacement Costs or Actual Cash Values

·      Personal Property off-premises coverage

·      Automatic Increase of the contents for seasonal fluctuation

·      Loss of income & extra expense on an actual loss sustained basis for 12 months or other extended period

·      Loss in value of undamaged building portion, demolition or increased construction cost to meet ordinance or law requirement

·      Comprehensive equipment breakdown coverage

·      Coverage extension to newly acquired buildings and contents

·      Fire department service charge and extinguisher recharge cost

·      Debris removal & pollutant clean up cost

·      Back up of sewers or drains

·      Accounts Receivables and Valuable Papers coverage

·      Computer equipment including Media & Records

·      Earthquake or earthquake sprinkler leakage

·      Brands and Labels Cost

·      Product Recall Expense Coverage

·      Spoilage / Temperature Change Coverage

·      Transportation (Transit) Coverage


·      Employee Dishonesty

·      Forgery & Alteration

·      Money & Securities – both inside and outside of the premises

·      Money Orders & Counterfeit Currency


General and Other Liability

·      Operations and Premise liability including parking lot liability

·      Personal and Advertising injury liability

·      Products and Completed Operations liability

·      Contractual and Owners Protective liability

·      Hired and Non-owned automobile liability

·      Employee Benefits Liability

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